Technology Careers in 21st Century

The field of technology is always characterized by change. In the era of technology and computers, even basic architecture are rendered obsolete in a matter of months. Over a last few decades, we have gone through several evolutions of computing models from large mainframe computers to the personal computers and the client server based models and now to Internet computing.

What a difference a few years can make? In March 2000, the US capital markets were soaring, Information Technology (IT) was the Holy Grail and optimism was order of the day. The demand of IT professionals seemed limitless and US congress bowed to pressure from technology lobby ensuring a steady stream of IT professionals from abroad especially India. Now that US is entering a recession, with technology companies taking the biggest hit. Suddenly the rules of the game seem different and no one can predict when the situation will turn around.

It is paramount for a young computer professional to have sufficient depth of understanding in his or her chosen field or area of expertise in order to get a foot in the door, a diversity of skills is a crucial factor in career advancement.

A technology professional may be other non-technical dimensions such as the ability to speak in public or think critically. Networking with other fellow professionals is a useful mechanism to help improve your visibility and ensure that others are aware to your unique talents and potential.

Probably the most important factor in making a career choice is to like what you do. However rational the career choice decision may appear, if you do not have an interest in computers and technology, the ability to maintain a competitive edge in IT careers is compromised. However in a dynamic and fast changing technology environment you must like what you do in order to be motivated enough to invest in learning and adapting on continual basis. As Albert Schweitzer the famous German Physician and humanitarian once said “Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.

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